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We have established a proven record of keeping people in their homes by holding banks accountable.

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Our legal staff knows how to challenge and reverse foreclosures that are wrongful by identifying missteps in the process.

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After a foreclosure sale, you still have the right to live in your home. Only a court of law can evict a person after a fair opportunity...

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Whether you are facing the threat of foreclosure or even if a foreclosure sale has already taken place, RealtyEsquire will fight to keep you in your home, reverse a wrongful foreclosure or resolve your dispute with the lender, whether by judgment in a court of law or a negotiated settlement. Banks and mortgage creditors are constantly violating the law in their greedy attack against the American family home, but you have the power to fight back by knowing and asserting your legal rights. With a proven record of success, RealtyEsquire retains the American Dream for you and your neighbors by keeping families where they belong- in their homes.

Did you know?
After a foreclosure sale, you still have the right to continue living in your home. Only a court of law can evict a person after a fair opportunity to defend at trial the right to possess the home.

RealtyEsquire vigorously defends homeowners (and in certain cases, their tenants) in eviction cases, and looks to expose defects in the validity of foreclosure deeds. We have a proven record of keeping people in their homes even after a foreclosure sale has already taken place.

If a foreclosure sale of your home has already taken place, or if you received notice about an eviction or summary process case against you, don’t delay- Call us today to take action and defend your property rights against the banks.


Like many responsible homeowners we had trouble paying our mortgage due to job loss when the economy tanked. We were interested in preventing foreclosure but instead of offering a proper loan modification our lender sent us a notice of default and notice of foreclosure sale. The stress was unbelievable and we suffered many sleepless nights. After searching for foreclosure defense help in Massachusetts, we feared we could not afford to hire an attorney and tried to defend ourselves, until we came across RealtyEsquire and their promise of “affordable rates for the average homeowner.” We worked with foreclosure attorneys Brian Wasser and Jenny Margeson who have been helping us stop foreclosure, identify lender violations, and seek an alternative settlement. They listen and understand us. They forced the lender to start doing the right thing to save our home. Now we are able to sleep well again and get back to enjoying our lives. We highly recommend RealtyEsquire to homeowners in need.
The Jones Family

Cape Cod, MA