pic21. Rescission – Cancels your mortgage loan contract. View Short Video

2. TRO/Preliminary Injunction – Legal action requesting court of law to restrain bank from selling your home at a foreclosure sale.

3. HAMP violations – When your mortgage holder fails to act in good faith to modify your mortgage loan as required by law. (May include HAMP or other loan modification or workout programs).

4. Fraudulent document practices – Save your home by showing that your mortgage holder (or a prior holder) used falsified documents in the acquisition or handling of your mortgage loan (e.g., robo-signing, document alteration, invalid assignments, etc.).

5. Invalid or defective assignments – Where documents purporting to transfer ownership of your mortgage loan are legally defective or incomplete. To take action on any of these tools and more, contact us today and we can talk over your options free of charge. Compliments of Realty Esquire, pioneers in foreclosure defense litigation.

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We bought a home for our daughter to live in while away in college thinking we could sell it four years later to help pay for tuition. Well, after the greedy banks and Wall Street “geniuses” destroyed our economy, we soon found ourselves owing more on the mortgage than the house was worth, our daughter moved back home, and because it was not a “Primary Residence” we did not have the same protections under the law to stop the banks from foreclosing. The bank filed a lawsuit to foreclose on our investment property and we were about to lose everything. Then we contacted RealtyEsquire. That was over 2 years ago. Today, we still own the property and con tinue to collect rent on our investment and property values are now starting to climb back up. RealtyEsquire did more for us than we expected and made their services affordable in a way that fighting the banks was not only possible, but made good financial sense to do so. We recommend RealtyEsquire, PC for all your foreclosure needs (primary and investment properties).
The Quealy Family

Barnstable, MA