Every home has a story and every homeowner’s situation is unique. Whether you seek to stay in your home, save your home from foreclosure, stop an eviction, overturn or reverse a prior foreclosure sale of your home or other property, we can help.


Problem: The number one complaint by homeowners is how the system works against them when trying to stand up against a large bank with virtually unlimited resources. A typical foreclosure defense attorney requires the payment of thousands of dollars, up-front, and thereafter, hourly fees between $250 and $350 per hour, such that a homeowner can neither afford nor predict the cost of legal representation.

Solution: We provide access to justice by simplifying the process and offering affordable, flat-rate fees that are pre-defined and geared toward your budget.

Mortgage Dispute Resolution:
We provide full legal representation concerning your mortgage dispute, including, to the extent needed, the Loan Modification/Loan Workout Assistance described below. Full legal representation includes such matters as drafting and filing a complaint and litigating your case in a court of law. Legal assistance typically includes consultations, collection and review of information, document review, organization and analysis, evaluating of the strength of your case and developing an overall strategy to identify and take advantage of the Bank’s unlawful conduct (e.g., fraud, breach of contract, wrongful foreclosure, wrongful eviction, numerous statutory violations, etc.). The liability of a lender or bank can be used to attain a judgment in your favor or used as leverage to negotiate an attractive settlement of your mortgage dispute.

Loan Modifications / Loan Workout Assistance:
A good loan modification will change the terms of your mortgage loan to affordable monthly payments. Other loan workouts may or may not involve you staying in your home, and include such options as a short-sale of your home, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, deed for lease back, cash for keys, or other arrangements that may include cash payments in exchange for voluntarily giving up title and/or possession of your home to either avoid foreclosure, eviction, or both. Depending on your specific goals and individual needs, we identify which options are best suited to you. Representation may entail requesting and negotiating on your behalf for mortgage assistance, communicating directly with your Lender, and assisting with filling out forms and compliance with lender or government programs to qualify for a loan modification or other workout.

Add-On Foreclosure Defense Products:
We are familiar with the latest and most popular foreclosure defense products and will work effectively with whatever third-party products and services you bring to use or plan to obtain in the future. If you need help, we can also suggest resources for obtaining many useful foreclosure defense products being offered on the market from various sources.

Forensic Loan Audit – A forensic loan audit is a review of your original loan documents for violations of federal and state laws. Unethical and unscrupulous lending practices may result in statutory violations that entitle a borrower to money damages and the right to cancel (rescind) their mortgage loan.

Securitization Audit – A securitization audit entails research to expose whether and how a loan was sold or transferred after the closing. These audits generally include a report on the chain of title and recording date of each assignment or transfer of ownership, identification of the parties to a securitization transaction (e.g., custodian, trustee, sponsor, servicer), locate and identify by name the security instrument or trust where the loan currently resides.

Foreclosure Analysis – A foreclosure analysis or foreclosure readiness analysis generally entails an expert review of pertinent foreclosure related documents and notices to determine and identify violations and other failures in the foreclosure process to prevent, stop or even reverse a foreclosure sale.

Rescission Analysis – A rescission analysis generally entails an expert review of your mortgage loan documents to determine and identify grounds for canceling or rescinding your mortgage loan. Grounds for cancellation may include both statutory and state common law rights of rescission.


We bought a home for our daughter to live in while away in college thinking we could sell it four years later to help pay for tuition. Well, after the greedy banks and Wall Street “geniuses” destroyed our economy, we soon found ourselves owing more on the mortgage than the house was worth, our daughter moved back home, and because it was not a “Primary Residence” we did not have the same protections under the law to stop the banks from foreclosing. The bank filed a lawsuit to foreclose on our investment property and we were about to lose everything. Then we contacted RealtyEsquire. That was over 2 years ago. Today, we still own the property and con tinue to collect rent on our investment and property values are now starting to climb back up. RealtyEsquire did more for us than we expected and made their services affordable in a way that fighting the banks was not only possible, but made good financial sense to do so. We recommend RealtyEsquire, PC for all your foreclosure needs (primary and investment properties).
The Quealy Family

Barnstable, MA