In an eviction case a foreclosure deed holder is the plaintiff and the tenant or homeowner are the defendants being sued for possession of the home. The defendant-homeowner has the right to raise all the same defenses to defeat a plaintiff’s claim of title and possession that they could have raised had they brought their own lawsuit against the bank for wrongful for eclosure. Furthermore, tenants of a homeowner have the right to raise the same defenses against a foreclosure deed holder that the homeowner could have raised to defeat a plaintiff’s claim to valid title over the residence.

Whether you have a primary residence, residential or commercial property, we can help. RealtyEsquire’s legal staff knows how to challenge and reverse foreclosures that are wrongful by identifying missteps in the process and defects in the jurisdiction or authority to foreclose.

Did you know?
After a foreclosure sale, you still have the right to continue living in your home. Only a court of law can evict a person after a fair opportunity to defend at trial the right to possess the home.

RealtyEsquire vigorously defends homeowners (and in certain cases, their tenants) in eviction cases, and looks to expose defects in the foreclosure deed. We have a proven record of keeping people in their homes even after a foreclosure sale has already taken place.

If a foreclosure sale of your home has already taken place , or if you received notice about an eviction or summary process case  against you, don’t delay- Call us today to take action and defend your property rights against the banks.